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You’ve Got “Great Genes” (Family Photo Morphing)

Most of us know at least a little bit about our genealogies, that is: where we came from, who our ancestors were, literally what “race” or “tribe” (from the Latin gens, gentis) we’ve descended from. It is often exciting, and almost always gratifying, to know that we often share a commonality with those who preceded us and literally gave us life through the whole process of procreation and parental nurture. In that sense, scientifically speaking, we literally have a share in the same gene pool—that DNA “stuff of life”—that has been handed down to us by our parents, from their parents, from generation to generation.

And, it often shows in significant ways! Many of you are familiar, no doubt, with the expression, “He’s just a chip off the old block,” meaning, of course, “He looks very much like his father.” A child inevitably will resemble one or both of his or her parents in varying ways—eyes, mouth, nose—or maybe a strong chin or other prominent feature. The trick is finding out and preserving—onto one document—those similarities when they are most conspicuous and memorable, and therefore meaningful and valuable to us. We could call these family traits creations “geneographies.” So, why not?!!

About “Great Genes” Family Photo Morphing—“What’s the Next Step?”

“Hey, what great genes you have!” It’s true. Just as your parents did, you’ve passed them on to your children, as they also will do someday to theirs. Look at how much your son or daughter looks like you as an adult, or maybe when you were the same age as your child.

So then, there are “genealogies” and there’s what we’ll call a “geneography” —a photographic capturing of family resemblances, preserved within a single, true to life, computerized creation. “Great Genes” Family Photo Morphing is here to provide you with this memorable way to preserve those moments in time where your children most resemble another family member, whether more closely or distantly related. A memorable photo creation you can store as a digital image and make prints at home or through the services of a professional photo lab. Now you can preserve the wonder and glory of it all through photographs that you already have.

For example, the above photo “banner” is actually me (as a 3rd grader) morphing into my son at the same age just prior to entering the 3rd grade. It was a birthday gift from me to him several years ago, and has become a daily treasure as it hangs on the wall in our home.

You can own and enjoy a similar, priceless photographic treasure of your own. All that’s required are two high quality photos with a solid color background (ideal) or with minimal background imagery, which you can email to me as digital JPEG files (that’s ideal), or via the old-fashioned “snail mail” U.S. postal service. I’ll take care of things from there, including the return all of your original photo materials and, of course, your final “Great Genes” photographic creation. Pricing is reasonable, I believe, at a standard flat charge of $75 per final creation. A “PayPal” payment option tool — labeled “Donate” — is conveniently provided for you on the Home Page side bar.

For more on “How To Place an Order,” please go to the “Great Genes” site and post a comment anywhere on the site, and I will respond with more specifics to the automatic email I’ll receive from you.


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