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July 31, 2008

“You ain’t nothin’ but a noun dog, declining all the time!” . . . OR . . . “The ‘Satellite View’ of the 5 Latin Noun Declensions”

The Latin Nouns Declensions chart below (also available here as a downloadable PowerPoint presentation), details the 5 declensions of Latin nouns with their respective “genders” that the Latin student will encounter. I know of no other paradigm in existence that condenses—in this fashion—all of these case endings into a single, concise chart of all Latin noun declensions. I call it the “satellite view” of all Latin noun endings. Apart from this, the value of this particular chart is found mainly in the horizontal relationships existing between nouns that can be clearly seen in this layout. Assisting in the memorization of these endings are the use of arrows showing either identical or similar continuity, and yellow highlights denoting 3rd declension stem qualities. Click here to view the JPEG image, then right click the image to download.

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