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April 7, 2008

“Vocabula Computatralia” (you got it: “Computer Vocabulary!”)

Here’s a sampling of computer vocabulary with original Latin roots.  For a complete “A to V” English-Latin dictionary of computer related vocabulary go here.  Or, see sidebar link “Vocabula Computralia” under English-Latin Resources.

Vocabula computatralia


abort 1vt interrumpere 2subst. interruptus,us m. address 1(memory location) subst. locus (memoriae, in memoria); numerus octeti 2(net location, URL) subst. inscriptio (interretialis vel interneti) 3(e-mail) subst. inscriptio (cursualis) electronica 4(to select a memory location) vt. locum (memoriae) eligere


boot 1subst. initiatio systematis; cold ~ initiatio frigida, initiatio e frigido; warm ~ initiatio calida, initiatio e calido. 2vt. initiare

browser 1(text viewer) subst. exhibitrum,i n. 2(Web viewer) subst. navigatrum,i n.


command subst. iussum,i n.; mandatum,i n. cursor subst. indicium,i n. cyberspace subst. spatium cyberneticum; cyberspatium,i n.


debug (to correct mistakes in a programvt. emendare delete vt. delere; eradere desktop subst. tabula,ae f. (systematis); mensa,ae f. disk 1. (physical device, disk drivesubst. discus,i m.; ~ image disci simulacrum 2. (hard disksubst. discus durus; discus rigidus; discus fixus 3. (floppy diskettesubst. discus flexibilis; disculus,i m.4. (CD-ROMsubst. discus compactus 5. (logical device, partitionsubst. volumen,inis n.; discus,i m. 6. (floppy disk drivesubst. statio disculorum


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